Cook Pot, 3qt


Here we have a pretty basic design, the knob topped stoneware cook pot. You can opt to add strap handles to this vessel. This specific piece is glaze dipped in one of my favorites, “Blue Hare’s Furr.” It does some really cool green to blue transitions in low pooling areas of the vessels like this cook pots lid for example. You can use this pot into your oven because it is BAKE safe. So take your mammas family recipe and cook it in stoneware, i bet you will get better or at least different results. Kinda cool. Very key that you use even and consistent heating, BAKE, when cooking in stoneware clay.

Approx. 9” diam.(w/out strap handles), 6” tall and 4.5 lbs

*all pots are handmade and may vary in shape, size and color from pot to pot