Dinner Setting, Satins


This dinner set style is the most common and with  this 4 pc set you get a dinner plate, a side plate, a bowl and a tumbler. This particular set is glazed with my satins and has a special glaze liner that strengthens the plate surface and well help prevent those annoying cutlery marks. All of my dinner and side plates will get this glaze treatment in increase its strength and lifeline. This off white Satin glaze looks great next to the black satin, i have other glazes sand if your interested in designing a set of your own this is how we get started!!! Message me for glaze options and we can make this set specific to you!


Dinner Plate: 9.5” diam. , Side plate: 6” diam. , bowl: 7” diam. x 2” tall

and the tumbler 4.5” tall x  3” diam.   3.5 lbs

*all pots are hand made and may vary in size, shape and color from pot to pot.