Glazing Workshop – Wednesday, April 10th, 7:00pm-9:00pm


April 10, 2024 7pm-9pm

Due to popular demand, we’re introducing a beginner-intermediate glaze workshop! Ideal for novices and experienced potters alike, this hands-on session explores glazing techniques comprehensively. In just one class, participants will enhance their ceramic pieces, experiencing the remarkable transformation glazing brings while minimizing learning curve frustrations. Whether you’re starting out or aiming to hone your skills, this workshop guarantees a fulfilling experience, offering a detailed overview of ceramic glazing steps.

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Instructor Bio

John Campbell

John has been a full-time production potter in the Dallas area for 4 years. His work focuses on clean, consistent and functional forms. John is incredibly passionate about teaching ceramics whether it be introducing someone to the processes for the first time or sharing a new perspective on the craft with those who are more familiar with clay.