Little Potters: Starting with Clay – Jan 6th-Jan 27th 9am-12pm


4-week course from Jan 6th- Jan 27
Saturdays, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

This four-week course focuses on making the world of ceramics approachable and exciting for ages 7-12. Through a collection of curated projects, students will work with potter’s clay as well as polymer clay, exploring handbuilding methods, as well as underglaze and glaze application. Students will not only leave the course with an introduction to the world of ceramics but also a hand-built planter, a functioning wall clock, and their own hand-decorated dinner set. Lemonade and snacks will be provided.

Examples of what you would learn:

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Instructor Bio

Dominique Gillam

After taking a ceramic class as an elective in college, Dominique soon fell in love with the art form. Currently, she is working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Arts with a specialty in Ceramics, where she has been able to teach a variety of courses and workshops. Dominique hopes to continue teaching and cultivating the artist’s spark in young students and adults alike.