Mugs and Bowls with Kelly- Jan 2nd-Jan 23rd


January 2nd - January 23rd
Tuesdays, 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

This course serves as a brief introduction to wheel thrown pottery. We will focus on wedging, throwing, and trimming, with a side lesson on forming and attaching handles. Your instructor will do the job of glazing the work in your preferred color. Through demonstration and one-on-one interactions with Kelly, you’ll learn all of the necessary steps of making a successful pot. At the end of four weeks, students will walk away with a functional set of handmade mugs and bowls.

All materials and firings are included

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Instructor Bio

Kelly McDonald

Kelly McDonald has been working in clay for four years. In this short time, pottery has become both a deep passion and a welcome outlet for creativity. She finds comfort in the vast range of possibilities presented by the craft of ceramics. There‘s always something new to explore, which means that her relationship with clay is constantly evolving. Kelly looks forward to ushering others into the craft she has come to love so much.