FCS Clayworks Team

John Campbell


John has been a full-time production potter in the Dallas area for 4 years. His work focuses on clean, consistent and functional forms. John is incredibly passionate about teaching ceramics whether it be introducing someone to the processes for the first time or sharing a new perspective on the craft with those who are more familiar with clay.

Kay Bernier


Kay has a collective 30+ years of experience in ceramics and has been teaching for 12. She has always been a maker and enjoys the thoughtfulness ceramics requires of her. She enjoys finding new forms and functionalities to explore. Her practice hones in on the design and function of a piece, and is then defined by the iterative process of making and remaking until the design, form and function all fit together to make a piece complete. She has taught all over the Dallas area in studios and privately since 2011.

Daniel German


Daniel German received a BFA in ceramics in 2015. His work centers around altered thrown forms with a keen eye for a compelling surface. Daniel’s philosophy is simple: Clay is magic. There’s always something to learn and there is room for everyone. Daniel’s teaching style encourages exploration on an individual basis while also offering the direction needed to harness and grow an artististic style.

Kelly McDonald


Kelly McDonald has been working in clay for almost three years. In this short time, pottery has become both a deep passion and a welcome escape from daily life. She finds comfort in the vast range of possibilities presented by the craft of ceramics. There‘s always something new to explore, which means that her relationship with clay is also always changing and growing. Kelly looks forward to ushering others into the craft she has come to love so much.

Christy Goyer


Christy has a love for pottery, which has become an obsession over the last 6 years. In addition to making ceramics, she collects from both locally and nationally renowned potters and has a wide network of friends in the industry. As an avid ceramicist, she learns everything she can via in-person and online workshops from some of the most well-known potters in the world. She loves throwing pottery on the wheel, but her heart and extensive expertise is in slab built work.

Paige Furr


Paige first discovered ceramics at Booker T. Washington School for the Arts here in Dallas. She went on to study at Alfred University where she received her BFA. After a stint working in the industrial ceramics sector, she began teaching at Booker T. where she taught for 23 years. She then moved to teach to some of Dallas’ premier private schools. Her passion for learning new techniques is inexhaustible. She spends years at a time diving into specific processes to hone her craft. Recently, she has been enamored with crystalline glazes and tromp l’oeil, finding ways to bring these techniques to her students in digestible ways in turn enhances her own understanding and mastery.