Beginning Throwing – Perfecting Forms 1


6-week course from October 19 - November 30
Thursdays, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM(Skip Thanksgiving)

Class will focus on refining principal forms – mugs and bowls with attention to attachments and handle-forming. Class will wrap up with surface decoration and glazing techniques. This class will meet 6 weeks but will skip Thanksgiving Day.

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Instructor Bio

Kay Bernier

Kay has a collective 30+ years of experience in ceramics and has been teaching for 12. She has always been a maker and enjoys the thoughtfulness ceramics requires of her. She enjoys finding new forms and functionalities to explore. Her practice hones in on the design and function of a piece, and is then defined by the iterative process of making and remaking until the design, form and function all fit together to make a piece complete. She has taught all over the Dallas area in studios and privately since 2011.