Hanging Planter Pot


One of my favorites in my shop and i have been improving on this design for a couple; years. This hanging pot supports not 1, not 2 but 3 local artists. Super functional and very attractive and it’s always nice to save that counter and table space. Hang them up!!! These hanging planter pots are made from Stoneware clay which plants love and have for generations. Bonsai pots are traditionally made from stoneware pottery, decorative hanging planter containers for indoors Or i can outfit these with a metal ring for an added charge of $5 if you plan on outdoor hanging and not being brought in during rain. The macrame cordage is definitely best if left indoors for longevity because weathering cordage weakens and just try to keep that in mind. By design you can water in the basket by removing the pot from its macrame and placing it into your sink, run water over the root system till saturated and let drip dry. Once dry and able to move your plant go ahead and hang it back in its macrame and go about your day. If you water this way you don’t need a drip tray and water wont get on your floor. Or take the whole hanger outside for some sun and water the plant exactly as it hangs in its macrame but keep in mind this is easier on you but harder on the macrame cord. I did outfit these with the proper sized drainage hole in the bottom of the planter pot so your plants can breath and drain properly. Each of these are capable of fitting anywhere from a 4×4 on up to an 6×6 plant depending on its existing root system when potted first. I always try to pot plants that would have a little room to grow. So if shopping for your plant try to stay smaller than 6×6 being that this pots dimensions are


5” diameter x 5” high

1.5 lbs

Macrame cord is usually around 30+ “ long and that will leave your planter hanging at about 15-18” from the top of the ring. Remember these are all hand made pots and hand tied macrame hangers so please these are approximate measurements.